Myth 2: Dawn of Steel

System 3

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Also known as: Dawn of Steel

Myth was a huge game on the C64, which won many awards due to its style and class. System 3 announced that work would begin on a sequel, named ‘Dawn Of Steel’. The planned sequel would have had yet more historic set levels to do with Myths and Legends etc.

Not much of an outline was given of what it would have been like, but system 3 as usual promised a sequel which would beat the original. Brendan Phoenix in later years found a leaflet from System 3 which mentioned Myth 2 as an up and coming title (see scans below).

Ideas were drawn up, but actual coding was rumoured to have never started (at least on the C64). Interestingly in 2014, a contributor on EAB spotted that artist Les Edwards had produced some cover art for a game in 1991 called “Dawn of Steel” .. which must have been Myth 2 (see scans below).

As for the game itself, did it ever get started? Well, thanks to Jazzcat – Mark Cale has confirmed that it did not.

“We never started Myth 2 on C64. Robin and Doc did a lot of the Amiga graphics but the original graphics were done by Bob. The original character wore jeans and was more like a teen hero.

When we went to the Amiga we changed the character to more of a barbarian type character. Myth 2 was only ever a concept that never was fleshed out.”

So confirmation that there was never a sequel started on the C64 (nor it seems on other formats), and very much case closed!

Contributions: Jazzcat, Brendan Phoenix. Lobotomika, Mark Cale

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03/11/15 – Very much case closed thanks to Mark Cale and Jazzcat

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  1. If you complete the game on The Amiga, in the end sequence for some reason this game a very good game about Greek or Roman myths transports you back to of all places Stone Henge a monument to Druids and Pagan beliefs anyway aside from that in the end sequence it mentions that the character would return in Dawn of Steel. It seems that at one point S3 they looked on Myth as a new Ninja style Trilogy because at the time they were releasing the original game they were also promoting Myth II as seen in that leaflet. Interesting…

  2. I Have a potential ‘interview’ with System 3 lined up (early days yet, but fingers are indeed crossed…).

    I’ll ask about Myth II and V1 of Dominator, why they turned down Last Ninja 4, ohh and what happened to A8 Last Ninja, ST Last Ninja…Amiga Last Ninja, ST Myth….PSP/PS2/Xbox Last Ninja…..


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