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A stunning little game, featuring some great graphics and wonderful spot effects and animations. This game was intended to be sold via mail order companies on the C64 for a price of around £8.99, which seems like a reasonable price for the game that was being produced here. It was rumoured to be sold by Crystal Software, but this needs clarifying.

Since the previews were spread on a few magazine cover disks, nothing else has been heard of the game, and therefore sounds like the game has been scrapped and was incomplete when scrapped.

A shame, but then it may have reached a much later stage than is actually here with this preview. But with no credits to match to the game, it is going to be another hard task to find out more on this game.

However, thanks to contributor (see comments) Liqmatrix, we have learnt that the game was released on the Amiga and PC back in 1990. For the Amiga the game was released on a cover disk in seems called Amiga Fun. It seems someone decided that a C64 conversion would be a great idea in later years – but who was behind it exactly?

There are a number of cracks and previews that exist, most of which were released around 1992-1993, but with a late one from Legend in 1998 that credited Groovy Bytes and said the game was coming soon. The most interesting of all is the crack from TRC, which has two very different looking previews. There are also a stunning series of background conversions too intended for the game that you can browse through. Certainly there is a story behind this conversion, as so much work was done – was it perhaps anything to do with X-Ample?

It seems that at some point Steven Diemer (A-Man) may have been the musician for the game, so we’ve added them to the credits for now.

A very mysterious game. Do you know anything more about the conversion?

Contributions: Liqmatrix

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31/03/21 – Added a load of extra previews and updated details about Amiga/DOS origins.

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  1. Wow! That’s a quite a few more previews for sure. Nice finds. Haven’t tried out the Amiga version yet, but between the DOS and C64 version the C64 wins easily imo. Glad I could help a little.

    • Ah, I didn’t either at the time! Thanks very much Liqmatrix for the heads up. I’ll update the page now and put a credit to you for letting me know.

      • Glad you brought this up – seems as if there were a few more previews, including a lot of additional assets and a very different looking preview. Have updated the page accordingly, so thank you for that :)

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