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Advertised in many magazines, this was a title being sold by Anik Microsystems… however only two Anik games exist and seem to have been released on the C64.

The advert describes the game as follows:

"Manoeuvre your nuclear powered Sub through undersea chasms, vaults and maybe tombs. But what other creatures lurk in the Deep??? (Joystick required)"

An interesting sounding title, though we know little about if the game scrolled or was single screen etc. It certainly sounds like a multiscreen game. The game was being sold very cheaply at around £4, compared to the higher price of their titles in Gamebase. Maybe this was a simple BASIC game that was being sold for quick profit?

We know very little more about this than the above, a lot more research needed and hopefully we will find some of the people who used to work for Anik.

More soon we hope…

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