Nifty Lifty

Visions Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very quick entry for a title we know very little about at present, but was advertised in Personal Computer Games 1984 (Issue 8) by Visions Software.

Nifty Lifty was advertised by Visions for the C64, BBC Micro and ZX Spectrum – though sadly it doesn’t seem to have surfaced.
Unfortunately there is very little to go on about the game itself, apart from that it was a sort of Wacky Waiters clone. The game actually got a release on the BBC and Spectrum, so why not he C64?

It seems that unfortunately, Visions went under just before the game could be released on the C64 at least. The question is though if the game ever got very far and if it managed to sneak out? Was the C64 version behind the Spectrum and BBC versions in terms of being completed? Visions went into liquidation around early 1985, so there was time for the game to sneak out. Did it though?

Do you know more?

Contributions: Iain Black,

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  1. I had this game on the spectrum but it was made by currys the UK electrical retailer, maybe the did the c64 version too?

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