Bubble Bus

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Word Wizard, Label Printer, Poster Printer, Advertiser

A very quick entry for a pack of games/utilities from Bubble Bus which don’t seem to have yet been preserved. Were they even released?

Word Wizard is confirmed to be just a word processing package, thanks to MarkTheMorose.

Now confirmed as released by Sean O’Neill, and currently listed on Retro Collector. Should hopefully be preserved soon we hope!

Contributions: Iain Black, Sean O'Neill, MarkTheMorose

Supporting content

Update history

05/06/16 – Confirmed as released – case closed.

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5 Responses to Quadrillion

    • Thanks Sean, updating page – so hopefully it will get preserved at some point! I’ll close the case anyway, as it was released.

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