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Nucleus is an interesting game, not for its gameplay however (which is a basic invader clone).

Well for a start, there is music in this game which sounds a lot like a Jon Dunn tune, but is infact by a guy called Petter Enval.

It plays fairly well, as does most Invader clones…. but apart from some new graphics and music, it doesn’t really extend on the space invaders theme…. If ever released, it would have only made good on a magazine cover or a multipack budget release. Still… worth a play for nostalgic reasons.

Here is the finished game, all finished…. but not known why it wasn’t released.

Petter Enval recently confirmed that he did the music, and that the game was mean’t for a budget release that never happened.

A nice little invader clone, but not original…

Contributions: Martin Holland, Anders Hansen

Supporting content

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