Off Shore Warrior


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Titus released a string of 3D-based games, initially on the 16-bit machines but often converted down to 8-bit. Among the most famous is the Crazy Cars series, all three of which made the jump to the C64.

Offshore Warrior was set in the year 2050, and the player controlled a speedboat in a dangerous race. All the boats were armed with rocket launchers, and hazards like rocks hurtled towards the player. The challenge was to stay alive and avoid finishing last to continue to the next event in the series.

While it got a mixed reception from the gaming press, the Amstrad conversion was graphically quite impressive. However, little is known about the Spectrum and C64 versions. Adverts for Fire & Forget mentioned a C64 version that did not make it, and the situation is the same for Offshore Warrior.

Does anyone know if Titus had a C64 version in development?

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