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A graphically superb Pang clone from the publishers of P P Hammer.

It promised to beat off the Ocean single screen game, where you had to shoot various circles which broke into smaller ones.. Very much like Asteroids.

A demo surfaced which featured a smart intro etc, but the game lacked the playability of Pang, manly because it never quite made it.

The game was too difficult to program on the C64, due to the sprite limitations, and Digital Excess convinced Demonware that the C64 version should be scrapped.

Eventually what was left of the game was released, so that Hitman could get some points as game cracking started to die out.

The preview is all of what is left of the game, and its final state on the C64… It’s not that playable, but an indication of what was going on, and a little bit more than Commodore Format ever saw of the game. The intro also features some great little digi music.

Case closed… game never completed, and fully found…

Contributions: Se7en of Digital Excess

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Se7en of Digital Excess speaks to GTW about work on Oops Up...

"Ooops Up was supposed to be produced by Digital Excess for Demonware and it wasn't released for the simple fact that it was never finished. The game concept just didn't work too well with the C64's sprite limitations and so Digital Excess and Demonware agreed to drop the C64 version. The demo available on your page is exactly what was finished of the game, the basic graphic layout (by no way close to anything the final version would have looked like when ingame graphics are concerned) and a simple player movement routine. It isn't really playable (as you will notice when trying to pick up the bonus on the left or trying to actually shoot the bubbles). The sole purpose for this "preview" was to give Hitmen something to release when the cracking scene on C64 basically was coming to it's end."

Se7en of Digital Excess.

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