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Many of you will fondly remember Warflame from the covermount of Commodore Zone, and even now from the Cosine webpage.

This is a very early game which eventually evolved into Warflame, called "Cybersub". This was going to be based as a sequel to "Periscope Up!", which never happened (Hence the reference to Atlantis in the actual preview).

The preview is in very early stages with little to do, but scroll over the landscape, which seems to be shaping up quite nicely at this stage. You can easily see the resembalances to Warflame, and what elements survived to make the final game.

There are no sprites in the actual preview, but they are in the actual memory of the game.. which can be seen here:

Most of these sprites were eventually used in Warflame.

Overall, its a promising preview, though sadly scrapped.. but scrapped to make way for Warflame, which is miles better. But check out an early glimpse of what was…

Never made it, but did evolve into the superb Warflame…

Contributions: Jason Kelk

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Creator speaks

Jason Kelk speaks to GTW about work on Cybersub (Extracted from Cosine site)...

"This isn't actually a complete game, just a preview of what later became Warflame. The basic control system, background scrollers and the routines for handling the lightning bolts are in and it's possible to fire but there are no nasties to blast.

Collisions will change the border to white whilst they occur and (apart from some occasional rogue collisions) it's possible to make it through the entire level without hitting the background.

There are a couple of points of "interest" in here; the sprites are in memory and there are animations for the ship, bullet, explosion and a few nasties too. These sprites surived quite a way into the game's evolution along with the backgrounds.

The other point of interest is the word Atlantis written on the background, although no advances were
made the original plan was to make the game a sort of follow up to their fairly dire "Periscope Up!". It played nothing like the original!"

Jason Kelk.

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