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An exclusive look at another Cosmos Designs title you may not have heard about before.

This is another fantastic looking Cosmos Designs game which has sadly never seen the light of day.

I do not know much about the game, but it seems very similiar to Zamara, and featuring a very similiar kind of graphical scenario and status bar. We will hopefully find out soon what the game was about.

The game was almost completed, but sadly never released due
to troubles with publishers in 1993.

Some guys on the C64 scene managed to find the old disks and get as much together as possible for Bernd. This means that possibly Bernd could finish off the game quickly and release it, but details are sketchy at the moment.

GTW will soon be speaking to Bernd aboout his game, and what his plans are. Hopefully we may be seeing this game removed from GTW, and actually released. Time will tell.  It seems that the plan for the game is to be finished off and released by Psytronik.   We have recently added the loading screen done by STE’86 (see downloads and gallery).   We hope very much that the very promising game does get finished!

In the meantime, both Niels and IaN CooG contacted GTW to let us know that two music demos for the game had been leaked, and which we have now added for you to download! … Additionally, Ian has very kindly provided us with the ripped SID files which will be going into the next HVSC update (Many thanks!)

Yet another Cosmos Designs stunner that could be coming our way very soon!

Contributions: Arnold Blueml, IaN CooG, Niels

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  1. Let’s all hope that this game could be finished and finally published. Looks really great and the preview also plays good!

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