Ian Brown

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Another SEUCK title, from a different face this time called Ian Brown. Related to this game is Marc Walters who
did the great Cronic The Badger game which resides in GTW.

Frontier promised some of the best graphics and gameplay ever seen created in SEUCK, and looks similiar to Delta/Armalyte at 90 degrees.

Marc bought a licence to distribute it back in the 80’s from the creator, but never sadly got to do anything with it. So the game remained in Marc’s disk collection for the rest of time.

Sadly Marc has lost contact with the author, but the game very likely still exists in Marc’s collection, and hopefully he will be dig out the game soon for everyone to see.

Ian Brown got in touch with GTW64 in 2012 to put his hand up to being the designer of the game and had the following to say:

“It would be awesome to have a copy of this game, as I’ve long since lost it. It would be great to get in touch with Marc again, too.

As far as what I can remember… it is indeed a vertical scrolling shoot-em up in the vein of delta/armalyte. Two can play simultaneously, both ships handle differently and have different weapon styles. I do remember spending a lot of time on the visuals.

I’m sure I will remember more if hopefully Marc has a copy safe. Am crossing my fingers!”

Is this really a SEUCK game to die for?… We shall see…. Marc, if you are out there – please help us dig out this game!

Contributions: Marc Walters, Ian Brown

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