Andreas Mettler

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A short entry for a title which was to be an epic role playing game for the C64.

Graphics and music had already been mostly completed, but the game itself hadn’t been programmed.

Development was started around 1991, and finished around 1992 time. The role playing included characters from medieval, end and science fiction times. The player was a single character who can address other characters and join missions.

The display was interesting, with the screen designed as a mirror – the upper part would contain the character arc of the hero as well as current events in text form. The bottom half would be operatable with joystick – where you can control the main character and explore various scenarios.

We have added some screenshots for now, but hope to hear more from the developer and also maybe add some C64 specific images/downloads.

For more details on the game, please be sure to visit:


Contributions: Andreas Mettler

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