The City of ‘Ehdollah

Goldstar Software

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23/06/16 – Link added to Spectrum version.

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Yet another game advertised by Goldstar in Your Computer magazine 1984.

This was another text adventure which sadly never was!   It is currently missing sadly.

It could be a case that the game just hasn’t turned up yet, or it was cancelled because the developers struggled with it. A lot of research needed – Goldstar doesn’t seem to be a well known company, so did they fold early?

The game was actually released for the 48k Spectrum, but was anything ever started of the BBC and C64 versions.  It is believed that neither were started.

More info needed for this one…

Contributions: Michael Plate (GB64), Juan Perez

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    • Thanks Juan, completely missed that when we added the page! Added a link into the main review and a credit, thank you!

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