Ozzy – Part 2


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Another Firebird entry, and this time a rather interesting sequel which has come to light thanks to Richard Hewison.

Ozzy Versus The Universe – Part II: Cobber was to be an awesome return for Ozzy (Most of you will know the original game better as Demons of Topaz), this time with a throwable hammer as the main weapon compared to the boomerang which he had in the first game. The game area was a scrolling screen that eventually wrapped, but we don’t know much more than this at the moment.

The game was written by Andrew Bailey, who was famous for writing a number of Firebird games such as Microcosm, Headache and of course Demons of Topaz. Andrew was busy with this game, but unfortunately the port of Microcosm from the BBC to the C64 interrupted the development. Additionally Andrew apparently ran out of inspiration and went onto other projects – leaving Cobber on the scrapheap.

We hope to find out much more about this sequel soon, and how far the game got in development before it was cancelled. It is very intriguing to think about how this game may have shaped up. Did the game ever survive in any shape or form?

More soon we hope, and a big thanks to Richard for sharing this with us…

Contributions: Richard Hewison (The Bird Sanctuary

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  1. At least that answers my question about the sequel. Was Black Sabbath an inspiration for the name?

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