Paku Paku

Jason M. Knight

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


Paku Paku is another stab at trying to bring an accurate conversion of Pac Man to the C64, and its not too bad at this early stage.

It’s not entirely accurate, but it plays well and looks good – with some good sounds that sort of replicate the original arcade machine. It’s certainly playable at this stage and gives you a good game.

Unfortunately it was never properly completed, and was released as a preview back in 2012 for people to check out. A shame, as this certainly was shaping up very well.

Thanks to contributor Professor Chaos (see comments), we learn from the author’s website at that the game is no longer in active development, and was to prove to himself that they could learn 6502 machine language in a week. A huge shame them that it seems this will progress no further.

Case closed?


Contributions: Professor Chaos

Supporting content

Available downloads

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2 Responses to Paku Paku

  1. The author’s website with contact form:

    On the right of the home page: “An alpha version no longer in active development. Was more to prove to myself I could learn 6502 machine language in a week.”

    Sounds like interest faded afterwards?

    Happy holidays too :-)

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