Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Another early preview, with some nice graphics, but not enough to give an indication what this game plays like.

The actual preview consists of a start screen, which seems to be in a hanger, and 4 end of level bosses (Which are accessible from the start of the game). There are no actual levels to play through, with no enemies or anything.

The game seems to be a space SEU, but then it could be anything. What is strange, is the fact that the end of level baddies are present in this game, and nothing of the actual levels. Very bizzare indeed.

The end bosses are fairly good, and well.. thats about it. Nothing else is actually known about the game, apart from that it features some music by Chris Huelsbeck. (Ripped from somewhere I think)

More information needed on this one…

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