Pirates V2


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Pirates was an excellent game written by the brilliant Sid Meier, who with ‘Major’ Bill Stead founded Microprose. This was a popular hit on all machines and has recently resurfaced as a major new PC game, again written by Sid Meier.

A ZZAP feature on Microprose Software mentions various versions of their software including Pirates and Project Stealth Fighter.

The new version of Pirates was to have animated pictures, the pictures in the original game being mostly static. An improved version of Pirates was released on the Kixx XL label for the Amiga and the PC and recieved excellent reviews.

Nothing else was heard of this new version. If we can find out who was programming the conversion, then we might be able to find out if there was anything playable written and if so, if anything still exists.

Is this vapourware?…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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