Trivia UK

1985 Anirog Software

Platform: Commodore Vic 20

A short entry for now on what was probably to be Anirog’s last Vic 20 release, and which seems to have never surfaced. A simple quiz game that looks as if it was written completely in BASIC.

This is the Vic 20 (+16K) version of Trivia UK that was advertised at the time on a number of platforms. The game was released on the C64 (, C16 and Amstrad platforms. Atari, BBC Micro and Spectrum editions, like the Vic 20, also seem to be missing too.

At the time the C64 was really picking up a head of steam, and sales no doubt were poor for the Vic 20. It’s likely as a result that the game was dropped for that reason. However, with the other versions missing – it could be to do with poor sales of the released editions perhaps.

The question is whether anything was ever started and if anything may still exist out there. We assume the code base would have been easy to port, so perhaps it was even finished

More research needed, but please get in touch if you know anything more.


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