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Phil Nicolson was one of the hero’s of the C64 with his last ditch efforts to insert some new software into the C64 scene in the mid 90’s, as Commodore Format was walking into the sunset.

He did some nice titles, such as Deadline and Tracer for Visualise Software, and even took over the software company as Jon Wells moved onto his Supportware scheme.

On purchasing Deadline from Visualise all those years ago (A brilliant purchse at £3), I found an additional preview called "Portal"… A clone of the Simon Pick game "Revolution" (Check CF Powerpack 1)

Although in the early stages, with sprites ripped from Deadline for testing purposes, the game actually looked and played reasonably well. Could this have gone one better over "Revolution"?

Sadly, this was all that was ever seen of the game, even though a release was planned in the next few months. Phil moved away from the C64 scene, quite likely after poor sales, which many suffered with at the time.

Portal was shelved, though at what stage in its life we don’t know. There is likely to be a later version, quite possibly with its own sprites and some titles. Hopefully either Phil or Jon Wells could shed some light on this game in the near future.

At least you have "Revolution" for consolation for this loss…

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