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Prehistorik is a platforming game from Titus which is a sort of Caveman Ninja/Chuck Rock clone of sorts that did fairly well on the Amiga platform.

In the German magazine "ASM", issue 7/91, there was a double page advert for the game, stating that a C64 version would be available in September. In the same issue there was a test preview of the Amiga version and there it was written that Titus would like to make a C64 version, but they lacked the people.

Therefore the magazine was calling upon it´s readers to apply for the job, stating that the Graphics would be provided by Titus. This however was pretty much the last that was heard about the conversion, and hence it never saw the light of day. Maybe no-one was up for the challenge?

The Amstrad version did get a release however, but that is no surprise to be honest.

Or maybe someone somewhere did start something, and we could be looking for a playable preview/full game?… We can but hope, but we are lacking credits and other basic info, so we may need your help!

More soon we hope…

Contributions: Bugjam/The Dreams, Patrick Furlong

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