Primary Maths Tutor

Channel 8

Status: Full Game, Findability: 1/5

Another GTW from Channel 8 Software, this game presumably followed a similar pattern to other GTWs, ‘Gotcha’ Maths and Toddler Tutor, essentially being educational games for young children.

There isn’t any more information on these games sadly, they have entries on GB64 but with scant information and obviously for unreleased games, no downloads or screenshots available.

However, a copy did surface recently on Ebay, but all attempts to contact the person who purchased the game have failed. The buyer was Bokvamme, which means that the game will be preserved soon.

Click here for a photo of the game and tape.

Allan Pinkerton kindly preserved a disk copy of the game which you can now find here as a download.

It means it is no longer a GTW, and one we can close the case on! The game was actually released also in the US by Comm*Data, so it is very much a case closed!

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Allan Pinkerton

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Update history

  • 27/09/21 – Disk preservation of the game added thanks to Allan Pinkerton.
  • 12/07/15 – Case closed, as game was released … just waiting for it to be preserved.
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