Pride & Prejudice

Berserker Works

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Designed by another best-selling science fiction author, Walter Jon Williams, Pride and Prejudice was billed as a game of 19th century romance and today is possibly the most sought after game from the Berserker Works stable. Apparently it was released, but we have not seen anything of the game apart from the adverts you can see here.

The game was for up to six players, with each one playing a poor but virtuous maiden from the Regency period. You have one season in the ‘London season’ to attract a bachelor and get engaged, with the most eligible naturally being Mr. Darcy. It was aimed at a female market, which obviously existed only in the smallest of numbers back in the 1980s, but according to Walter Jon Williams himself; the most ruthless players were men!

It could well be that we can eventually remove this game.. but for now this is at large and we need to try and find it!

Can you help us?…

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