Prince Of Persia

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Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

It is true that Prince Of Persia was to have an official conversion onto the C64 by none other than E&E, the creators of Lemmings on the C64.

Although quite late into the C64’s life, Prince Of Persia was to be developed for Domark, but sadly it was all too late and the C64 was dying fast.

According to Remi Ebus, the head of E&E, only possibly the main character sprites were ever done. Nothing more than that ever really happened before the title was scrapped.

If the Sprites were to be found, then that would certainly be something, and Remi has not ruled out the possibility of anything turning up of the game. So we may see a glimpse of what could of been sometime in the future we hope.

Just how well this conversion would have fared is but a mere guess. With a solid conversion of Lemmings, it seemed that E&E could do anything, so we may have missed another stunning conversion sadly.

In total there have been 3 attempts on converting Prince of Persia – one unofficial and two official. Including this entry, you can read about all 3 within GTW64. However, in late 2011 – Mr Sid completed an impressive unofficial conversion of the game in Easy Flash format which you can checkout here:

More Pauper than a Prince… Case sadly closed…

Contributions: Remi Ebus, Andrew Fisher

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