Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

“A thrilling new adventure” proclaims the advert for QA!

This text adventure was made available to the public at a very cheap price of £2.99, where you must go on a daring expedition to find the Mask of QA, the Sun God.

According to the advert, it is a race against time where anything can apparently happen. A radio is provided at your base camp. Two contacts at the campsite can give all the operating instructions required to complete your quest.

The price overall was pretty cheap – just did anyone buy a copy and was the game actually complete and sent out to anyone?
SECS didn’t seem to last long and disappeared without trace not long after.

Well, in 2013 – contributor JDP confirmed that the Atari version of QA! was released at least:

So there is hope that a game may well exist for the C64… and we can thankfully confirm that it does thanks to the work of Zapposh – who has kindly backed up the game and preserved it for us! So the game was released, but in limited numbers and was released with Opera House too.

Check it out for yourself! Case closed!

Contributions: JDP, Zapposh

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30/06/14 – Full game recovered thanks to contributor Zapposh

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  1. Hi, I have dumped the C64 version of QA!. I’ll mail it to you if you share your email address. Thanks.

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