Quest for Eternity

Argus Press

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Quest for Eternity was to be a space based text-adventure written by David Cockram with Argus Press and their Mind Games department.

The description was as simple as “Starring The Overlords of the Universe. The candidate (you) have to get to the Chamber of Creation. It’s a laugh a minute, since its 2000 light years away on the most horrible planet in the Universe … and your starship doesn’t work either!”.

Although promised for various platforms, it only ever got a release on the ZX Spectrum and the Atari 8-bit platform – and seemed an OK game. Did the other platforms have issues with conversions?

Very much early days as we try and work out what happened to this game.

Contributions: Avram Dumitrescu, Strident, Marco 'Exile' Das

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