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The title pretty much says it…. You guide a ball around in a large cave, and thats about it.

Well, that isn’t just it.. but it is where this preview goes. A game which was being produced for Commodore Fever, which again got scrapped for unknown reasons.

Commodore Fever had a number of games which they were planning, which also never made it.

Recently it was found out thanks to Patrick Ceuppens that the game was started actually over 10 years ago. Patrick did the graphics for the game after being asked to do so by Stephen who programmed the game.

The game was originally to be called "Caveball 2", as a sequel to a never released game called "Caveball", but as the first game never got released, it seemed sensible to just name the game "Caveball".

Sadly its still not known why the game was never completed, Patrick was unable to help on that one. It seems that interest was lost, but Commodore Fever picked up the game and tried to carry it on. Sadly they never finished it either.

Contacting the programmer behind the game will maybe establish exactly why their game was never completed… For now, why not read Patrick’s own account of the game in "Creator Speaks"…

A load of balls at the moment….

Contributions: Patrick Ceuppens

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Creator speaks

Patrick Ceuppens speaks to GTW about work on Caveball...

"That's the second C64 game I did some work for (over 10 years ago), never heard from it again, then to find out a decade later that the game is actually out there! That in itself is not that big a deal to me, but it's a surprise none the less. (If you're curious, the other game was Mega Thrusterball, which did get released).

As far as I remember the story, Midas (Stephan Swertvaegher) asked me to do the gfx for Caveball II, a follow-up to the original Caveball, a crude game he once programmed but which was never finished/published/spread. Later on it was decided to name the new game just Caveball. Caveball II was a little silly, as virtually no one knew about the original Caveball anyway.

So I did some level gfx, drew a logo and made the music. Somewhere along the line interest was lost in the game, and I never heard from it again. Now I see that it actually was continued by other people, some of which I know quite well. I see the year 1998 mentioned. That was 5 to 8 years after the initial project. I'm very surprised someone actually picked up the game.

Although I'm not credited for it, the majority of the gfx in the game and the level design is still from me. The music is mine as well, as mentioned in the credits. A pity the game was never finished. It could have been quite amusing.

Well, that's all I know about Caveball. As to why it never got finished, I don't know. And why someone picked it up, released a preview and then never released the full game... beats me too. If you know more, I'd be glad to hear it. :-)"

Patrick Ceuppens.

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