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Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This second version of a released game, Quo Vadis V2, was brought to my attention by DanSolo over at the Lemon64 forums.

Quo Vadis V2 was mentioned in a news item where a disk version was being planned that could create 1 million different games, with each a 1000 screens.

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Quite impressive stuff, but maybe a little bit too blue sky?

Well, contributor Neil Collins confirmed that he had two copies of the game on disk, and both had a file called “Generator” on them.  We then found a crack in CSDB which also includes the generator, so it looks like this was released after all!

Case closed!

Contributions: DanSolo, Neil Collins

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12/07/23 – Case closed, disk version was released with generator!

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  1. Hi Frank – Hope all is well.

    Was reading up on Quo Vadis as I am potentially considering a trade of the game as I have 2 copies on disk. I didn’t realise the disk version was so rare. I read the snippet attached to your article which mentions a version of Quo Vadis on disk where you can make your own maps. I noticed on both my copies of Quo Vadis that the disk label mentions a second program on there called ‘Generator’ – which is loaded independently of the main game. Could this be the level generator they speak of ? Interesting !

    • Thanks Neil and good to hear from you. Ah – so it must have been out there all along for anyone who brought the disk copy. Might be a case closed for this one then!

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