Quo Vadis V2

The Edge

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This second version of a released game, Quo Vadis V2, was brought to my attention by DanSolo over at the Lemon64 forums.

Quo Vadis V2 was mentioned in a news item where a disk version was being planned that could create 1 million different games, with each a 1000 screens.

Click here for News scan

Quite impressive stuff, but maybe a little bit too blue sky?

Sadly it seems that this extended disk version never appeared, and so we start the hunt for a potentially exciting expansion to this cool little 1984 game.

We know little else about the proposed sequel apart from the original author’s name, so we have something to start searching for. But its very early days yet!

Can this everlasting game be found?…

Contributions: DanSolo

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