Quo Vadis


Status: No Download, Findability: 3/5

Quo Vadis was to be a german adventure with animated graphics and some other nice little features.

The vocabulary wasn’t that big (200 words), but the game was judged as good adventure. The animated graphics were called ‘excellent’.

The game was made by Bodo Kühn and Rainer Hagen, whom are hopefully contactable still.

The main developer was contacted by Hartmut Pachl, and the game was basically almost finished and they almost had a publisher for the game. Unfortunately things fell through. Amiga, PC and ST versions also existed and were being developed.

Sadly everything was abandoned many moons ago due to University studies being started up. Ever since, nothing of the games have been found just yet … but there is still hope!

Interestingly enough, a sid file was found in HVSC by Thomas Detert, which possibly was used in this game. You can download it above.

Nice little adventure game, sadly it seems lost…

Contributions: Zeldin, Hartmut Pachl

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  1. Looks really fantastic, can’t deny.
    The 86xx ZIP code on the ‘Aktueller Software Markt’ article (June/July 1988, pp. 91+92) reveals that the two programmers are from Bamberg region in Bavaria.

    Anyways, I wonder why Hartmut didn’t ask the main developer whether they still have their work disks. That’s way more important than whether they had found a software company or not. Once we have the data, we can make dreams come true (see Daffy Duck :))

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