Parallel Logic

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Parallel Logic were to be one of the saviours of the C64 in the UK market, as many companies began to leave the C64 behind in favour of the consoles.

Amoung their selection of releases was to be a text adventure game shortly after Time Crystal – called Radioactive. Here is what Phillip Boyce had to say about it (following on from discussing Time Crystal)

"I loved working on 3DCK though, creating an exploration game, something that played at a more sedate pace, and so after I’d finished it I started on my first (and what was to be my last) text adventure. I have no idea why CF reported that it was going to be a level in a SEUCK game, we never told them that! They very obviously read one of my letters and completely misunderstood it.

The text adventure was about 50% complete when I took a break from it to set up PLPD and begin a diskzine called Commodore Diskette, which took up all my time for a while. Then, with it being just me on my own at this point, I hit that silly age of about 18 or 19 when hobbies were left to the side and drinking and gawking at girls in clubs came into fashion. Don’t judge me lol, five years later I realised the shallowness of my weekends and I rediscovered my roots and once again became interested in comics, videogames and Knight Rider all over again!!

I’d love to gather together my thoughts and get back to you with some more info on the game if you like? I was very proud of what I’d achieved before I shifted focus. "

Sadly Phil decided to leave the C64 when support was poor for Parallel Logic. All of his disks were gotten rid off too, so the likihood of ever finding this text adventure is very remote and shortly could well be a closed case. Phillip will hopefully shed more light soon on this one!

Can this ever be found?…

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