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Some of you may have seen this game released on another label in Europe in the early 90’s, but what you don’t know is that this game infact was due for release on the Firebird label around 1988/89.

Sadly, the game was not complete in time before Firebird closed its doors, and the game was left without a publisher. Originally the game was called "Radax", but was renamed later for its proper release.

Therefore, the game exists in a complete state, but with another name. Though "Radax" never was to be.

Firebird sadly missed out on a nice little game, which would have made a good budget release, with its nice graphics and addictive gameplay.

But never mind…. its here, in full form… Magic Disk released it eventually, though really it was mean’t for Firebird software. The original Firebird preview is also in the download.

Hot stuff, but not hot enough to make it for Firebird in time…

Contributions: Stefan Gutsch

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