Raw Head


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Not sure how to take this one… Our friend from Hawkeye has been turned into a woman, and renamed "Rawhead" with our next preview.

"Rawhead" is heavily based on Hawkeye, with a new map and a woman’s face at the top of the screen, in what is obviously a very early preview. The preview glitches like mad, and needs a lot of work.

There are very few things to do, though graphically the game is good so far (Especially considering most is from Hawkeye).

It’s not known if this was an official sequel of somekind, or a hack, or even an original game planned for selling. No credits exist, due to no titles being available in the preview.

This sadly makes this preview quite a mystery, and more information again needs to be found for this game to create a better account for it.

Hawkeye goes female…. ouch… handbags!….

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