Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A very early and incomplete game, which sadly isn’t too playable in its current state.

The game consists of a single map, with all the map graphics for some reason printed at the foot of the game. Within the game you control a green blob, who jumps around but doesn’t do much apart from that. Most of the game is inoperable.

It seems that the game was cancelled, and a preview thrown together to get some points. Sad really, as what was really mean’t to be of this cute platformer?

We may never know, but information and research will hopefully bring more of this game out into the open, and see if there just is anything more of the game.

Raz sadly is stuck in his little 2D world..

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One Response to Raz

  1. I remember playing RAZ on my commodore.

    Im sure RAZ said ‘owowowowo yeah!!! ‘Groovy’

    Loved the game from what I can remember about it.

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