Rescue Mission


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Not a conversion of the Sega Master System light gun game of the same name, but another title by Jon Wells which was to be released by Visualize – but didn’t quite make it.

I almost forgot about this one – but a mention found of it in Commodore Format whilst doing some research got me remembering about it being one of Jon’s games.

We couldn’t quite remember what the game was about, but Wayne Wormersley suggested it may have been the Airwolf style game that Jon was working on at the time.

Jon in 2013 at the Play Expo confirmed that the game was indeed inspired by Airwolf, and had you having to land and rescue people on an alien planet. The game got to the stage of having you control a space ship which could fly around a basic map, and featured a simple score panel. At this stage though there were no collisions or real game play elements in place.

Sadly as poor sales continued, the game was caught up in Visualizes’ demise and was scrapped. Jon has offered to do screenshots in the future to show us what might have been.

Watch this space!

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14/10/13 – Major details about the game and elements of it from Jon Wells.

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  1. Is this the Airwolf Style Game Jon was working on ? If so then he did offer me the job of doing the Graphics on it but I was TOO freaked out ( Way beyond my Capabilities at the time – Ironically I AM currently working on a similar Game at the minute albeit set on Single Screens… ) by it ! I think it was an 8 Way Scroller and there were Puzzles to solve ? I could be wrong as he showed me and my Ex LOADS of demos of Games – Hey, I even saw the Mighty Germ Alert… :->

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