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A nice surprise for GTW, but recently for Retro Gamer – Martyn Carroll did a feature on Durell Software and had a boxout on Saboteur 3. This was being set up primarily on the ZX Spectrum, but since then we have been told that Mike was also developing the game for the C64.

Mike described things as follows:

“The game was to be in four parts, each one a seperate load. As far as I recall the first part was completely finished on Spectrum and partly done on CBM64.”

The game was scrapped eventually. The first set of development was made by Mike shortly before Durell sold its games to Elite. Most of the design was drawn up and Mike created a bunch of sprites and mocked up screens, but development ceased when the sale went through. Mike went on to work on Operation Hormuz for the C64.

Sadly we can confirm that the C64 assets are missing for this version as the Spectrum version was the lead – and most likely would have had most assets ported over.

Click for screenshot of the Spectrum mockup

However, some parts of the first part were done, but Mike is not sure where these have gone.

Do you know any more?

Contributions: Martyn Carroll, Mike Richardson

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