Safari Guns


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One major category of GTWs is "Games That Were, but not on the C64". In this case, ST and Amiga versions were released, but despite being announced (referenced in the January 1990 issue of Computer Action magazine) as forthcoming for C64, Amstrad and Spectrum, no 8-bit versions were released.

Safari Guns (known as On Safari in some countries) from New Deal was essentially an Operation Wolf game in a different context. It involves travelling through a safari route in Africa, taking photographs of endangered animals whilst also shooting poachers, and herein may lie the reason for the cancellation.

The game was designed to be played with a mouse, using one button to use the camera and the other to use the gun. This would not translate easily to joystick or keyboard, and this may be why no 8-bit versions were released (even for the Amstrad, the most popular system in Infogrames’ native France, and thus the system with the most French games).

However, this is all hypothesis. With no credits, it may be a tricky one to chase up. Dominico Manfredi, Matthieu Hofseth and Elie Daniel are credited on with the Amiga game, and may be able to tell ussomething.

Was anything ever started?…

Contributions: Anders Hansen

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