Second Samurai


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

The sequel to First Samurai was to be programmed by Vivid Image’s sister division known as MirrorSoft, straight after the first game was released.

The people who were intended for the conversion were Mat Sneap and Jon Williams.

The C64 was starting to lose support quick at the time, and as First Samurai was quite late in the C64’s life, the sequel was only merely a planned idea, which was scrapped as the C64 market declined.

The game was completed on other platforms, but the C64 sadly never had a version started in the end, therefore making it impossible for GTW to try and locate anything of it.

Mat Sneap has recently confirmed that the game ceased to exist, and he had no involvement in it either. So there we have it… another one bites the dust.

Case closed…

Contributions: Patrick Furlong, Mat Sneap

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