Seawolf 2


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Another title highlighted thanks to Peter Weighill. This early 1983 Epyx game was advertised in quite a few magazines at the time as part of a double pack with Gun Fight. Unfortunately this one never got to see the light of day, even though the other game pack with Starfire and Fire One were released.

Sea Wolf 2 was an arcade sequel by Bally Midway, which sees you trying to sink as many boats as you can whilst avoiding mines. Very simple affair, which was slightly dated even by 1983.

The advert used never specified any formats, but it was found that the pack of games was released on the Atari platform, and an Epyx brochure states that it was for the Atari only, with no mention of the Commodore platform. So why are we including it?

Well, we believe that it is very possible that Seawolf 2 could have been caught up due to Commodore publishing the first game on its cartridge. It’s possible that Epyx couldn’t get the licence on the C64, so abandoned the double pack. If this can be proven, it is possible that something may have been started on both games.

Very early days, and we could get confirmation soon – but another one to try and solve!

Contributions: Peter Weighill

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