Sensible Soccer

Sensible Software

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

This is likely to be yet another vapourware title … but worth adding none the less…

Steve Perry once won a competition with Commodore Format and met up with one of the editors called Andy (Hutch) Hutchinson. When talking to Andy, Steve was told that there were plans for a Sensible Soccer conversion on the C64. We’re not sure if Andy was just making this up to get Steve excited, considering in fact the C64 was dying out, or if Hutch did indeed see something of a conversion.

Considering that Sensible had well and truely moved onto 16-bits by this time, unless there was someone trying to do a conversion for them, we doubt this ever got started. The closest that C64 users may ever get to a conversion is by playing Liverpool by Grandslam – maybe this is what Hutch mean’t that we were to get a game which was close to Sensible Soccer?

I’d like to be proven wrong, so if you know more – please get in touch!

Do you know anything more?

Contributions: Steve Perry

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