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Status: Full Game, Findability: 4/5

Sestavljanka is not really a game, but it is an educational program for children done by Suzy Soft. The game is a "put-together-picture" type of game with simple puzzles and picture collections. You can dress up dolls, make a fotorobot or put together a puzzle.

Although done for Suzy Soft (A ex-Yugoslavian, Croatia based software house), the game never saw a release. It did however get released for the Spectrum, and was very popular. The C64 version sadly was never to surface properly as Suzy Soft’s management was changing and they ditched the computer publishing department before the game could hit the shelves. The C64 version however was rumoured to have had duplications made from a master tape that was created, quite a fair few…. but no-one knows what happened to them, we assume they never got out of the door.

The game’s author did however get hold of his own proper copy, and recently passed it to Tomaz to transfer to TAP format and scan the inlays. This was the only known version of the game to exist, unless those other versions are sitting in a box in a warehouse somewhere? :-)
Tomaz’s original excellent preservation work can be found at at his website here.

The game comes on 2 tapes, and Tomaz has ported all 4 tap images and ported to disk for people to play. Just click the download link to checkout for yourself. The game is not in english, but if you follow the instructions enclosed, you should be able to make some headway. Maybe we will see a translation some day of the game as a whole?

All ready found and saved, and a case closed…

Contributions: Tomaz Kac

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