Shinobi V1

Virgin Mastertronic

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yes… another game which did eventually get a release, but did you know that Shinobi was originally being developed by another team at Binary Design? No?… Well sit down and i’ll guide you through….

Originally Haydn Dalton was assigned to doing all the graphics on the game conversion along with a different developer called Chris Collins. About partway through the game was taken out of house and Simon Pick and another artist ended up doing the game instead.

The original game was completely scrapped and restarted by Simon and eventually got a release. It’s not entirely certain though why the original game was given to another team. Haydn’s graphics were coming along nicely and it all seems a little cloudy and odd at present.

It seems like the first version got to about 50% completion, so we are hopeful that we could find a rather different looking conversion in some form somewhere. Thats if anything has survived of the game… it may have stayed locked away at Binary Design HQ on a PDS somewhere.

We need to find out a lot more, starting with talking to Chris Collins himself!

Do you know anything about this?

Contributions: Haydn Dalton, Fabrizio Bartoloni

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