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Shockwave was first mentioned in The Games Machine with the following bit of blurb…

“While Xecutor does it for dual destruction on the Spectrum, Shockwave is a two player shoot ’em up on for the Commodore 64 complete with a weapon-collecting feature and horizontal scrolling.

You start life as a jet-packin’ droid building up armaments and attributes to become half human, half-jetplane. Then the option to decide what form you want to be is offered. As a droid you can reverse direction but not as a ship, so there’s going to be a bit of strategy involved to succeed. Tim promises great graphics too!”

So what happened?… we tried to find out more from Rob Whitaker, but sadly he knew nothing about such a game and so we are hoping to find out more by the management of The Edge and from the public themselves.

Well, it seems Shockwave was scrapped when the developers of the game were not paid. Tahir Rashid found the game within his collection recently and placed it onto Ebay. He was given a copy as he was an Artist at The Edge during 1986-88 (helping to create Darius, Soldier of Light and Alien Syndrome) to look at the artwork and see hot it was. Some photos from the ebay auction have been added.

Here are the photos from the auction: Photo 1 , Photo 2

Tahir Rasid had the following to say about the game:

“From what I remember it was very much like Sidewize from Firebird but with graphics like Armalyte as that was the trend for those types of games, and it was two player.

I think the disk that just sold contained this work in progress version with a few levels.”

It is hoped that the game by the time you read this article will have fell into hands of a fellow preserver so that it can be made available to everyone and eventually a download and more about the game will appear here.

For now the music has been preserved and is in HVSC!

Do you know anything more?

Contributions: Rob Whitaker, Tahir Rasid, Michael Jones

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    • Hi there!

      Yeah, sadly we still don’t know who won the auction and what the plans are for the game. Still very much at large!

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