Shoot Out

Hi-Tec Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5


So was this game really to be released by Hi-Tec Software back in 1992? We don’t believe so, though the development team of this game we believe had submitted (or intended to) the game to the UK software company.

The game itself is a very simple target shooter, which is quite similar to the target shooting levels from Combat School. It is lacking in polish and we are certain that Hi-Tec wouldn’t have signed up the game. Also, Hi-Tec would go under in mid-1992 anyway.

It seems that the game was abandoned anyway, and remains of it was released by various cracking groups back in the day. The game has 3 parts to it and an end sequence that you have to access through the cracking menu.

The developer did go on to do other games and contributions to the scene, producing a number of games for Cherry Software in the mid 1990s. These latter games would certainly have been more up Hi-Tec’s street, but clearly Shoot Out was an early learning process for the coder.

In time we hope to learn more about the title and what happened exactly. If you know more, please do get in touch. Thanks to Dave King for highlighting this title.

Contributions: Dave King

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