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The big question from the start was whether this game was really intended to be released by Codemasters back in 1991. We don’t think so, but it seems the development team may have been keen for them to do so and just added them into the copyright.

The game itself is a very simple Combat style game, where you have two players that have to shoot at each other from each side of the screen. There isn’t very much to it apart from that.

We suspect at this stage that the team submitted the game to Codemasters, and that it was rejected by the software house.

The game itself seems to be complete, and was just released into the wild, likely when it was rejected. Hopefully at some point we’ll learn more about the history of the game and what happened exactly. If you know anything more, please do get in touch.

Thanks to Dave King for highlighting this title.

Contributions: Dave King

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