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A possible vapourware title which has been brought to our attention by Richard Bayliss, who made a very good point that it was odd about there being a Sidewinder 2 game for the C64, but nothing of the original game.

So the question is whether a conversion was ever attempted for the original game at all – or if they just decided randomly to do a sequel conversion only at a later date.

With no evidence of any other 8-bit conversions or adverts for such a conversion, this could very much be an open and closed case. Does seem odd though that the sequel made it, but then look what happened with James Pond 2.

Contributions: Richard Bayliss

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  1. Sidewinder on the Miggy was one of my favourite games. I believe that Mastertronic were experimenting with doing Amiga-powered arcade machines (‘Arcadia’) at the time, and this was one of the games earmarked, and they either didn’t want to do any conversions, or they just thought no machine could do it justice.

    Having said that, I wrote a scrolling engine for the 64 which did fullscreen+colour ram+side movement+sprite splitter, all in 25fps, with the intention of doing something like Raiden, but I’m sure something close to this should be doable..

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