Adventure International

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Also known as: Questprobe Number 4: X-Men

Only three games were released as part of Scott Adam’s Questprobe Series, but did you know that a 4th was on its way in the shape of X-Men?

The game would be started by Scott Adams, but was never to see the light of day when Adventure International went bankrupt in 1986.

It seems that it never got to the stage of a C64 version being started, with only a DOS version worked on at first as Scott built up the game. Interestingly, Scott passed on a copy to The Adventures Guild to take a look at and explore, showing you how far he got.

The article reveals that you would not play as a member of the X-Men, at least not in the early stages, where you instead control Magneto.

So unfortunately nothing to find or see for the C64 edition, and very much a case closed before we can really begin.

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni, The Adventurers Guild

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