Spectral Sneer


Status: Preview, Findability: 2/5

Spectral Sneer is a neat early preview, where you can control either a Wizard or a Warrior in a sideways scrolling platformer, where you can go underground or above ground, fighting with various enemies.

It’s fairly dinky, but pretty neat and has a good budget game feel to it. Once you get to the end of the map, that seems to be it, but its a preview with a bit of substance.

Who was behind this preview? We’re not sure, but we hope to find out soon, so that we can quiz them about this cool preview.

Do you know anything more about it?

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4 Responses to Spectral Sneer

  1. Thanks Frank, I was thinking that there might still be link to Grant Harrison given that he also made V which isn’t split screen but also works on the two level basis and has a large status panel. Probably nothing but just throwing it out there.

    • It’s always worth checking these things, as often there is shared code/styles between projects which can lead to credits. If you spot anything else in a similar way, then please do suggest :)

      The big thing i’ve spotted is that the sprite movement and scrolling seems really poor on Spectral Sneer, about a year or so after developments like V: The Game. Panel doesn’t quite line up either. Just doesn’t seem quite as refined as what Grant has done previously.

  2. A bit of a long shot, possibly, but this game has a passing resemblance to the Firebird game, Dynamic Duo, both in appearance and gameplay.

    • It’s a good suggestion, so I took a closer look. The code style seems to be quite different, there’s a lack of split screen (from what I can see) and the score panel doesn’t quite match up with the visible area.

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