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Our next GTW title can only be described as stunning. Though it is with sadness that we are placing it into the archives on the request of the author Johan Forslöf.

We have spoken to Johan over the past few years about the title, and each time we’ve encouraged him to continue and try to pick up the drive to finish the extemely promising title. We have resisted adding the title to the archive given that there was still a chance it could be finished. The game was started around 7-8 years ago and has been come back to on numerous occasions.

This year was different, and Johan has told us to just go ahead and put the final preview into the archives. The game shows a very ‘Braid’ looking main character, who with his hi-res overlay, looks amazing and animates very well. The backgrounds I thought were done with extended background mode, but they are actually standard multi-colour hi-res (though Johan planned to do ECM at a later stage).  They are wonderfully atmospheric, with a few enemies that you can shoot.

There is not a huge amount to do just yet, apart from explore the multi-directional scrolling areas of the castle environment at this stage, but it is a great indication of what a fantastic game this really could be. The problem is that Johan has kept losing motivation with the game, and has never been fully sure what the full direction of the game should be.

The good news is that Johan is still open for the game to be continued, but needs someone to help give motivation and ideas to further progress the game. So rather than a graveyard entry, we want this potentially to be an advert for something that could be more. Possibly code and artistic assistance to take the game forward. If anyone is interested, please contact me and I can forward your details to Johan.

It would be a shame to see this one die.   Can it be saved?

Contributions: Johan Forslöf, iAN CooG

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    1. zzarko says:

      A friend asked me was it an Amiga game… Enough said!

    2. zzarko says:

      I’m speechless at how good this looks and plays. Graphics kind-of remainds me of three unfinished demos/previews by Martin Kristensen (Blockman, Bleep Boy, Cave Wizard), also here on GTW, that used HiRes backgrounds in a way that I have never seen before on C64. This is even better, as it is much more polished. I think this could be of the quality of Sam’s Journey, or better if finished. Probably would sell good too.

    3. Borough Medley says:

      I honestly do think Johan Forslöf have a Kickstarter campagin on his hands. But this might not be the motivation he wants. It sure would be shared wide and far if it would at all be asked uf us to share such a campaign. I’d pledge in a heartbeat.

    4. Andy W. says:

      Unbelievable good looking sprites. The player and all enemies look like a 16bit game. Superb! Also the steering and the backgroundgraphics are impressive. This should really be brought to the end, could be one of the best games i ever saw on the C64.

    5. The graphics and simple gameplay are superb! Such a promising game!

      Great find Frank 🙂

      • fgasking says:

        Wish I could claim credit, but it was Johan who kindly provided the game. We had held off for a few years in the hope Johan might get impetus to finish. Just hope now the preview will get someone interested in helping to manage the game with him.

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