Meurtre À Grande Vitesse

Cobra Soft

Status: Full Game, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Murder in a train

A very quick entry, where contributor ‘Nicolas’ can recall seeing a C64 conversion of this early Cobrasoft game, which did see release on the Amstrad CPC:

Nothing of the C64 edition can be found online, and with Nicolas being a close friend of a coder in the Babygang group – its possible that a pre-release version of the game was perhaps obtained back in the late 80’s and Nicolas saw that.

Looking on Gamebase, there is a similarly titled game which may be by the very same author of this title called Murder on the Atlantic – its likely part of the same series, as this too was by Cobrasoft:

Cobrasoft was founded by Bertrand Brocard, and the French wikipedia page ( on the house does list the game for the C64.

Interestingly in 2013, there was a crack intro release for the game, but no actual game. So what happened? …

Thanks to Sam64H and Olivier Cappelaere, the game has been found and fully preserved. The game was indeed released and just had a very limited release overall.

Case closed!

Contributions: Nicolas, Sam64H, Olivier Cappelaere

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