Unknown shooter by Kernal

Mike Berry

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A short entry for a title that we need to find out more about from Mike (Kernal) Berry.

This was likely to be a sideways scrolling shooter that Mike Berry was producing for a budget label or similar back around 1989-1990 time which never saw the light of day. Some test graphics of a lunarscape were produced by Roy Fielding and sent to Mike for checking out.

This test demo was sent to Clockwize back in 1990 when Roy tried to get work with the development company, and the disk was recovered and sent to GTW from Dean Hickingbottom in 2017. As well as this demo, you can also download the original submission disk that Roy sent.

We asked Mike about the game, and it had taken him completely by surprise and is a brief title that has been long forgotten. The game had no specific title, but was to be a cross between Defender and Lunar Jetman. The first couple of levels were to however play more like Moon Patrol, which Roy’s graphics were likely to be used within.

Mike cannot recall anything else at present, though will be in touch if he finds anything or has more recollections. He believes that the game didn’t get much past the scrolling and ship control stage.

Contributions: Roy Fielding, Mike Berry

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