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More Apex, more unreleased works now in the form of Squish, a 4 way scrolling isometric squashing game. Possibly similar to Maze Mania, with the aim to squash creatures and have their blood change the colour of tiles. Apparently very violent game according to the Apex guys.

Eventually the idea was dropped as ideas dried up for the game, and again inspiration to finish it was not really there. A good idea, which maybe could have been combined with other ideas they had to make one big game…. but sadly not.

Apex had the following to say in the Mayhem diaries about the game… "This was a game which we designed two years before Creatures 2, and was a four-way scrolling isometric ‘go around squashing things with a mallet’-type affair. The idea behind this was to colour tiles by squashing baddies, their blood changing the tile’s colour. The game had a good violence factor, but the idea was dropped owing to a mental block."

Just how much has survived is anyone’s guess…. all we have currently is a screenshot of the sprites being used. There might be playable versions existing, but again it is down to if Apex will one day dust down their work disks and take a look for lost sources, executables and graphics. We may be lucky one day, but sadly it seems unlikely this will ever see the light of day in any form.

Possibly a sad loss… but could we be surprised one day?…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Mort

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